Pro Tips on Applying a Wide Decal

My friend Sandy was hosting a party. With new furniture for the family room, she wanted to add some designer style to the adjoining kitchen. Sandy loves to cook and my Bon Appetit decal was perfect. She loves wine so we did a matching Uncork & Unwind for above the pantry.

I have a number of wide decals in my collection and my instruction sheet does not cover the center hinge application method. This was a great opportunity to make a quick how to video on putting up those wide decals.

How to Apply a Wide Decal Video


  • Try not to stress.  Keep calm & relax.  Vinyl is very forgiving.  Have tweezers and scissors handy.   I had a little issue with the “U” in Unwind.  I was able to use the tweezers to lift the compromised letter, cut the vinyl, and then stick it back together.   Worst possible case is, you can always request a replacement part if something does go wrong.
  • A partner can come in handy when you need an extra pair of hands. They can fetch your scissors when they drop to the floor and you are on the ladder carefully holding the sticky so that it doesn’t get stuck to itself.
  • Mark your corners.  Trying to be a show off, I skipped this step.  The decal ended up 1/4″ higher on the left side.  Ooooppps.  Will anyone know except me?  Probably not!  But it could have been perfect if I had taken the time to mark my corners.  Once the backing paper is removed you then have a registration mark to match when you lay the decal back to the wall.

I love, love, love vinyl.  It’s super fun, looks like paint,  and removes without too much hassle.   I hope you will give it a try and Decorate with Decals.