Choose the Perfect Wedding Hashtag and Feature It in Style

Instagram Your Wedding! A customer sent me this photo (source unknown) and it was just one of those pictures that took my breath away.  My son was getting married so I was all about weddings.  I couldn't stop thinking about them, pinning them, and even reading wedding etiquette, yes it still exists! If the bride & groom want their guests to post pictures on Instagram then picking a unique hashtag is key.  You want to be sure your event is identifiable and the memories are easy to locate in the future.  Here's a few tips to keep in mind before you finalize your hashtag.

This is the first of many decisions the bride & groom will have to make together. A real test in futility?  Once they’ve decided on that ever important wedding hashtag it’s time to order a Best Day Ever reception decal and announce your hashtag in style.  I love the idea of putting the decal on an oversized mirror, new or old.  If your venue has a mirror, great!  Use it.   If not, I would invest in a beauty.  Once the day has passed you can simply peel away the vinyl and yet, you'll have the memories of that “best day ever” every time you look in that mirror.

Reposted from LuluDecals 2.17.15