Even a Basement Laundry Can Be Bright and Cheery

I am addicted to the House Hunters on HGTV.   I love a mid century modern but hate a laundry in the basement.  Old basements can be dark, dreary and downright scary.  I know . . .  I had one.  But in reality all you need is a vision and here’s your vision.  Makeover the space with a bright fun paint color and make a trip to you favorite store for a some super cute accessories.  Bring the look of your main living area right down to where you spend the better part of a Sunday.

A Chicago decorator sent me a message asking if my decals could go on the washer & dryer.  Of course “Lulu-Me” was thinking IN, not ON and was totally confused.  Once she explained, I couldn’t wait to see the results and it was worth the wait.  Such a fun way to cheer up your basement.

Re Post from Lulu Decals 2.18.15