Lulu Vinyl Decals – Made to Order Style

It’s all about style!  You want your home to reflect the personality of your family and showcase your personal style.  Vinyl decals can help you achieve your design goals.  Each of my Lulu Decals is made to order.  No factory.  Just me, in my studio, designing and putting ideas out there to help you bring out the DIY decorator from within.   You may see a picture on a blog or website that inspires you.   And sometimes, that’s all it takes for you to reach out to someone like me.

That’s just what happened when I received a custom request convo at my Etsy shop TheDecalGirl.


I’ve been looking for a decal I can put on my pantry door. I originally wanted to replace the door with one of those glass frosted pantry doors but unfortunately the door I have is an odd size so I would have to pay a gazillion dollars to get one custom made.

I’ve been looking for a decal to place on the door instead but it has been difficult to find one that says pantry in the middle and has a design around it. Kinda like the glass doors look. Do you have something like that or is this something you do? Thanks so much.


pantry doorMy initial response to Jessica was that I had never done this before but I would love to be involved.  She provided the exact measurements of the door.  From there, I did a proof including a few design choices for the coffee cup that she wanted to coordinate with the artwork.   The transformation is amazing.  From a plain stock door to a designer door, Jessica was able to achieve her vision.  And the best part . . . . she didn’t spend a gazillion dollars.

The majority of my custom work is modifying existing designs.  If we are starting from scratch, be prepared for some design fees but with today’s technology custom designs are more affordable than ever.   You may be surprised that it will fit your budget too.  Decorate with decals . . . . designer style that sticks.